Scrolling Words is a new kind of word game. It is an incredible brain challenging innovation of crossword puzzle game. Easy to play and makes learning fun.

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The great challenge for you in Scrolling Words is to find all target words of the same category from scrolling letters. Countdown and the scrolling speed also increase your challenge difficulty.

Our game is available on both iOS and Android! Download and start your quest now!

Incredible Brain Challenging, Unlimited Fun

It is harder than it looks. More than 1000 levels are waiting for you. How far can you go?

New Kind of Word Game

Search and find out all target words from scrolling letters board before time runs out. More than 1000 levels are waiting for you.

Varied Game Props

Get stuck? Use HINT prop to find the initials of the puzzle word, and use FREEZE prop to slow down the scrolling speed.

Featured Daily Puzzle

Start your daily challenge to gain energy and win beautiful wallpapers to refresh your eyes everyday.

Challenge mode

If you are a word expert, just try crazy challenge mode and see how many words you can find in a limited time.

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